The decoration project consists of decorating the client’s house / apartment according to their preferences, needs and budget. A total redecoration of the space is carried out, with the main objectives of comfort, practicality and taste of the client.

The stages of the decoration project are:

  1. Technical and photographic survey

First, a visit to the space, taking measurements for the metric and photographic survey.

Then, a meeting in order to understand all its aims at the level of its aesthetic / functional objective, what you want to change, maintain, if there are pieces for restoration, the tones of the space and materials you like best and which your approximate budget.

Subsequently, the execution of the metric survey begins, the definition of the new layout with the designation of all spaces, the location of fixed and mobile furniture, the conceptual framework and a study of the materials, colors and suggested general concept.

  1. Project

After the new layout of the plant is approved by the client, we’ll elaborate layouts where the existing plant will be represented, the proposal plan with fixed furniture (wardrobes, slats, etc.) and furniture, plant and lighting layout, technical furniture drawings if necessary for an understanding of the proposal at this stage, etc.

In case the client wants 3D visualizations (which we always recommend, for a better visualization of the space), we’ll execute the initial 3D in this phase.

  1. Execution of the Project

After the previous point been approved by the client, we’ll start by making the final project, which includes the final drawings:

– actual plant

– furniture plant

– layout of furniture, lighting and decorative pieces

– accessory layout

– 3D views (if the customer chooses 3D)

– technical drawings of parts made to measure

– final parts budget

– list and budget of the work to be carried out (paintings, wallpaper placement, fixing lighting, pictures, shelves, etc.)

. In case the client wants 3D visualizations (which we always recommend, for a better visualization of the space), we’ll execute the final 3D in this phase.

  1. Monitoring of furniture (optional)

Take care of orders for parts, fabrics, monitor the manufacture of parts at suppliers and factories, be present in the delivery and assembly of parts, as well as small painting jobs, wallpaper placement, etc. All costs of shipping and assembly by the suppliers will always be borne by the customer.

For a quote send us an email to with a brief description of what you want and send us photos of the space such as a floor plan, if you have one.