The interior remodeling project consists of remodeling the interior of the space in order to create a better use of it and meeting the layout best suited to the client’s needs. The interior remodeling undergoes an update of the space, that is, depending on the approved project, several interventions can be made, such as: demolition of walls, construction of walls, paintings, plumbing, electricity, choosing new materials (floors, coatings, toilets, carpentry, kitchen furniture, sanitary ware, paintings, wardrobes, gardens, etc.)

The stages of the interior remodeling project are:

  1. Technical and photographic survey

First of all, a visit to the space and the measurements are done for the metric and photographic survey are removed.

Then, a meeting with the client in order to understand all the client’s intentions in terms of their aesthetic / functional objective, as well as an idea of approximate budget.

Execution of the metric survey and definition of the new layout contemplating the conceptual framework, materiality sketches and definition of all spaces in order to have a total aesthetic and functional understanding of the proposed space in general.

  1. Project

After the new layout of the plant was approved by the client, we develope layouts where the red and yellow plant (demolitions and constructions) will be represented, the proposal plan with fixed furniture (kitchen, wardrobes, slats, etc.), material plant (floors, coverings, color, toilets, etc.), ceiling plan, lighting layout, etc. In case the client wants 3D visualizations (which we always recommend, for a better visualization of the space), we’ll execute the initial 3D in this phase.

  1. Execution of the project

After the previous points approved by the client, we’ll start by making the execution project, which includes the final drawings:

– actual plant

– red and yellow plant

– proposed plan with dimensions and areas

– fixed and mobile furniture plant (in general)

– ceiling and lighting plan

– 3D views (if the customer chooses 3D)

– material and sanitary layouts

– lighting layout

– technical drawings of the kitchen

– technical drawings of the sanitary facilities

– technical drawings of fixed furniture and wardrobes

– span map, if necessary

– general job listings to be performed

– finish map with the list of all materials used

  1. Work or monitoring

If the client does not have a contractor, we can suggest two or three teams with whom we usually work. We’ll monitor the work, this process consists of a mediation between contractor and developer, which will normally include three weekly visits in order to ensure compliance with the layout approved by the client, the weekly report to the client of the works performed, compliance with the technical drawings, orders for fixed furniture, presence in the delivery of materials and monitoring of assemblies, etc.

For a quote send us an email to with a brief description of what you want, as well as photographs of the space and floor plan if you have one.